Operational Flight Safety

Operational Flight Safety

The continuous development of the high level of operational flight safety builds on the use of systemic instruments and procedures that can detect critical developments and make the safety performance measurable. With the extensive experiences of AVIACERT in the implementation, continuous development and evaluation of safety management systems among all air traffic carriers, potential for optimization can be detected early on and monitoring measures can be securely established.

Deviations from national or European/international standards, whether - frequently occurring - in the infrastructure area of airports or in air traffic procedures and in the compliance with personnel or organizational/systemic requirements, are often inevitable.

AVIACERT is not only able to identify existing deviations with structured safety assessments, use this as a basis to analyze the applicable national, European and international aviation standards and, building on this, define economically and operationally viable measures and procedures with which the existing deviations can be compensated for in accordance with a required safety level.

In addition, AVIACERT can provide support during the implementation and the continuous improvement of management systems. Due to corresponding relevant experiences – employees from AVIACERT, for example, supported the supreme aviation authority of the federal government in Germany in the development of a national state safety program – one of the core competences lies in the development and implementation of regulatory approval and supervision concepts. On the industry side, employees of AVIACERT were already involved in the first research project for the implementation of safety management systems (SMS) at airports in Germany and, building on this, accompanied and support this introduction at numerous airports.

Operational Flight Safety by AVIACERT