Aviation Training and Courses

Aviation Training and Courses

Constantly changing sets of rules, characterized by national, European, but also international influences in a highly complex transport sector require a fundamentally high level of qualification and continuing education. The tailor-made and high quality education and training by AVIACERT, whose trainers have extensive academic and professional training experience, ensures the crucial and necessary edge here.

The focus of AVIACERT is not as a priority on the flat-rate offering of standardized and routine courses, but rather on individualized education and training measures that are frequently implemented as so-called in-house courses. We believe that our customers can therefore be offered a better cost-benefit factor and the most targeted qualification of participating employees.

Due to the extensive experiences of AVIACERT employees in the teaching and training activity at universities or, for example, at EASA or the JAA, we also have educational tools in order to achieve the qualification and learning goal desired by our customers in an almost guaranteed manner.

Regardless of this, AVIACERT also has knowledge and capacities to accompany numerous major qualification measures, such as ORAT training sessions in preparation for large start-ups at airports. In addition, we provide standardized training programs for employees of aviation authorities or air traffic companies that are tailored to the latest EASA requirements, which can be implemented in targeted continuing education measures.

Overall, special emphasis is placed on a practical training that puts our customers in the position to implement the gained knowledge immediately. In order to ensure this, we allow our trainees, for example, to observe our teams during audits and inspections in order to gain first-hand experience or even accompany our graduates during their first independent activities in order to give them corresponding feedback and security.

Repetition, structure and training courses in specific areas represent a significant guarantee for success from the perspective of AVIACERT given the constantly changing regulations situation, but also given the continuing technical developments.

Trainings by AviaCert

We offer various refreshing, development and advanced training courses to our customers. The trainings can be designed individually and dedicated to specific topics. In view of the constant regulations, but also the technical advancements in air traffic, courses of this kind represent a significant guarantor of success for companies.

Training & Qualifikation bei AVIACERT