Data Management

Central inventory data management at the airport (AirportZDM) - stay up to date with us

Mobile acquisition and central management of as-built data - simple addition, updating and maintenance of survey data.

Reliable and up-to-date inventory data is the basis of any infrastructure management and the foundation of all processes at airports.

We support you in setting up and providing up-to-date inventory data of the airside infrastructure at your airport. Your data will not only remain up-to-date today, but from now on forever.

Together with your specialist department, we design your ZDM at your airport with our partners. With this ZDM, you can easily create as-built and detailed plans as well as cadastres for the airside of your airport, which can be used centrally for your projects. AirportZDM ensures that the relevant EASA requirements, e.g. for aeronautical data and EASA certificate maintenance, are met.

This is how you benefit from AirportZDM:

  • AviaCert is working with you to create the basis for your central inventory data management
  • You use AirportZDM to ensure EASA requirements for the quality management of aeronautical data and information within the scope of EASA certificate maintenance.
  • Your departments can access the current inventory data at any time (ZDM portal)
  • Design individual specialized applications for your airport with us, such as airside damage detection

Exemplary applications in the field of data management

Central inventory data management

ZDM as a basis.
Specialist applications according to individual requirements.

ADQ Management

A quality management for your aeronautical data and information.

Document Management

Constant availability and optimized management of your documents.

Tree cadastre

Clear applications for pruning.

Damage assessment

Decentralized recording and central monitoring.

Obstacle register

A valid data basis is essential for a reliable process calculation.

FOD Management System

Central. Clear. Evaluable. EASA compliant FOD management.

Plan generation

Specific plan creation for each need.

Compliance management

Digital verification and target-oriented management of deviations.

André Wattler

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