Research and teaching

Theory and practice closely linked

Born out of the university spirit, we at AviaCert have been closely linked to research and teaching since our founding. In our projects, we link university theory with lived practice, provide scientific ideas and evaluations, and practical solutions.

You too can benefit from our network of pilots, engineers, lawyers, safety experts, professors, and air traffic controllers, and integrate this knowledge into your company in a targeted manner. A very broad expertise that can save you a lot of effort and work in concrete projects.

Consulting or training course - Leading the way for your project future

We advise you individually, goal-oriented and comprehensively. Whether research project or technical expertise in your project. We are your guide for future-oriented projects.

Through our years of experience in the field of university education, you will benefit from participating in one of our courses. You will not only receive basic theoretical knowledge on a specific topic, but also knowledge that we have gathered over the years in the course of our diverse projects. Thus, we combine theory and practice in a realistic way and provide valuable impulses for your projects.
With our individually adapted training courses as well as a large number of lectures on specialized topics, you can train your employees in a targeted and efficient manner.

Linking current knowledge from basic theory and individual practice

Our current reference projects in the field of research include, for example, the
REALISE project within the framework of the Hamburg Aviation Forum on Unmanned Air Mobility (UAM) in Hamburg. Complex and forward-looking, we have also carried out, among other things, an analysis of the future orientation of the structure of aviation authorities in northern Germany in 2020.

We also integrate student research projects and theses into our projects in a practice-oriented manner. If you would like to get an overview of our research projects, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our services in the field of research and teaching


With research collaborations, we bring our expertise and your ideas together.

Individual courses and lectures

Our many years of teaching experience individually for your project.

Further training in aviation

Whether you are a career changer or a specialist - we will take you further.

Supervision of student research projects and theses

We link university theory with lived practice.

Interdisciplinary research and research projects

Multifaceted research projects for many years.

Knowledge Network

We bring together knowledge from theory and practice, for airports, authorities, airlines and air traffic control.

Tina Schorcht

We will be happy to discuss questions, comments and ideas on research and teaching topics with you.
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