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Successful cooperation with Lower Saxony State Aviation Authority

With the extension of their consulting contract, AviaCert and the Lower Saxony Aviation Authority (NLStBV) are demonstrating how a long-term successful cooperation in the aviation industry can work.

As the state aviation and aviation safety authority of Lower Saxony, the Lower Saxony State Authority for Road Construction and Transport (NLStBV) is responsible for all tasks arising from the extensive and continuously changing international, European and national aviation legislation.

One of the core tasks of the NLStBV is the continuous supervision and monitoring of the implementation of European requirements at more than 423 aviation organizations licensed in Lower Saxony. In addition, for example, new companies must be licensed, obstacles monitored or wind turbines approved, whereby continuous changes are also taken into account. The supervisory work of the aviation authorities themselves is made up of a large number of thematically different monitoring tasks. For example, the aviation authority not only monitors airfields such as commercial airfields and glider airfields, but also outdoor take-off and landing areas, helipads, flight schools or aviation companies.

The work of the authority itself is subject to the binding "Authority Requirements" of the European Union and its aviation agency, EASA. EASA monitors the work of the individual aviation authorities and regularly audits the performance of their tasks throughout Europe.

AviaCert supports the NLStBV in implementing the challenges arising from these complex requirements, which often encounter limited personnel resources at the aviation authorities.

Aviation law issues - and compliance with international and European requirements make up the core business of AviaCert GmbH.

The task of AviaCert is, for example, to develop and implement standardized and practicable processes and, of course, to massively advance the digitalization of administrative and supervisory work. In addition, training and qualification as well as, in part, direct support in supervision must of course be realized within AviaCert's range of services. The core objectives are to work efficiently to meet EASA requirements while always maintaining and further optimizing the high level of safety in aviation.

AviaCert has gained extensive experience in precisely these topics, has supported various authorities nationally and internationally, and is therefore able to develop tried and tested solutions very efficiently.


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