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Ready for the future: Intra-team strategy workshop in April

Building on the results and findings of last year's strategy workshop, we once again met for two days in Redefin, Mecklenburg, undisturbed by the daily doings, to work on our corporate strategy and culture.

A big thank you goes to Anika Stork, who accompanies us on our way with her company teamwert.

We addressed the following questions, among others:

- Transformation as an ongoing process
Where are we in the process and what are the next steps?
Our insight: Transformation sounds cool and hip, but it is often laborious and time-consuming. Nevertheless, we have seen progress over time and we are staying the course!

- Ideas on corporate strategy
AviaCert's corporate strategy, vision and mission have to be put to the test every now and then. The questions that concern us most here: are we always running in the same direction even with home office, mobile working and multiple locations? How can we maintain the great team feeling even under a heavy workload and with the shortage of skilled workers?
Our conclusion: together we can do it!

We addressed the following questions, among others:

Conclusion: it was a refreshing two days, during which the entire team displayed a lot of motivation, creativity and good humor. Time and work that goes into the company strategy and direction may feel lost at first, but as Waldo Emerson said:

"The paths we take ultimately determine the goals we achieve".

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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