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AviaCert on course for continuous further development

AviaCert on course for continuous further development

We at AviaCert GmbH are on a permanent path of further development and actively focus on improving our internal structures. Such continuous work on the internal transformation process is important in order to scrutinize our orientation and correct it in good time if necessary. At AviaCert, we drive this project forward through semi-annual internal team workshops and regular retrospectives.

Another such team and strategy workshop took place in April. We gathered as a team at our headquarters in Redefin, Mecklenburg. Under the expert moderation of Anika Stork, an expert in the field of change management consulting and coaching, we spent two days intensively examining ourselves and our working methods.

The focus was on the following topics and issues:

Collaboration: We discussed what constitutes good collaboration and how we can recognize it. We took a particularly close look at collaboration within our teams and with the relevant internal interfaces. Through open discussions and clarifications, we were able to identify important topics in order to further improve the quality of our collaboration.

Working methods and self-organization: We first discussed our individual working methods and organizational approaches in small groups and then presented them to the other groups. This arrangement enabled us to learn from each other in the best possible way in order to optimize our own work processes and make them more efficient.

Order clarification and delegation: In particular, we discussed how we can improve our approach to order clarification and delegation. In doing so, we have determined that adjustments are necessary in some areas in order to avoid misunderstandings and increase efficiency.

Communication formats and rules: Here we have analyzed which formats and rules are already in place and which additional ones are needed to ensure smooth communication

AviaCert on course for continuous further development

The valuable input we gathered during the workshop is now being integrated into our day-to-day work with full motivation. During the retrospectives in particular, we reflect on the insights gained and implement them in concrete measures. Together, we emerge from this workshop stronger and with clear goals, ready to take on new challenges and move our company forward.

AviaCert on course for continuous further development
AviaCert on course for continuous further development


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